For Pinterest enthusiasts like me, it is really a bummer they they won't allow pinning photos from facebook even if they are shared to the public. So I thought, since I cannot upload them as personal contributor, because I don't own them, why not post them somewhere where people can freely pin them? Of course I will always credit the photographer (or page) whenever possible.

So, that's it! This is where I will post a collection of found images on facebook with no direct reference to a website. Who knows, if I found too many that it overlaps the main theme of this blog, I may create a new blog separate from this!

So if you find these photos interesting, go ahead and visit my boards at pinterest! I've got more cool stuff over there! 8)

Feel free to click, zoom and pin!

Night Sky

moonrise over at skjelhollet    Aurora Borealis at Äkäslompolo

Midnight at Great Slave Lake

truth is stranger than fiction

glowing bioluminescent plankton

What a Beautiful World!

   Solstice at Cape Sounion, Greece

Speed of Light 4    somewhere in between

Above the Clouds

lost in mono

Ilocos Sur, Philippines