If there is such a thing as procrastination minions, I would be
one of them.

~ Me, 2014

But let's see... that was me, last year. Erm, technically, yesterday. Ha!

With the start of the new year, on top of the usual hullabaloo, there are several things that also launched. First, I'm back at Uni, and the first day of classes for this sem will start in 2 days. (Yay!) Second, I have started a personal advocacy, Philippine Fundraisers and Benefit Shows. And of course, this comes with the birth of another blog and facebook page. This group's aim is to help out organizers (who are not backed by corporate vampires), independent artists, and other non-profits in promoting their cause-oriented events. This could mean that I may skip organizing Benefit Shows myself, as I divert my attention and energies to that. But, I won't be shutting my doors to anyone who asks for help, of course. It will all depend on the timeliness, co-organizers and beneficiary.

For that, I am still thinking if I would also put up twitter and instagram accounts for Philippine Fundraisers, as these would be quite time-consuming if I would maintain it all alone... Any volunteers?!? Please, PLEASE let me know! I am looking for blog contributors and bloggers too, you know!!

Another thing planned for this year, is the comeback of a low-profit indie distro, (name withheld for several reasons ~ lol) as I have been receiving countless requests, pre-orders and inquiries. You're pressuring me, guys! Haha! I know, I know... I too, have several CDs still piled up, and awaiting shipment.

Hmm.. what else?

Ahh, yep! I do need to update this blog template as my previous image host changed urls again! Note to those who think you can host and hyperlink through facebook, think again. And that includes me.

Well, before I forget, I quit pursuing several duties too. It's a way to balance things. I look at it as a little pat on the back to myself, for finally learning to say NO to profiteers who demand too much time and pay unreasonably small. I basically don't care how much I earn, as I am not after the profit, especially if it is fun to do. But once the fun is gone, I am too.

I also scratched off my list putting up a certain service company, complete with tax and BIR and all that chaos of paper trails. Taking into consideration an observation of a friend that I tend to dive head-on whenever I think I have a brilliant idea, without checking on its feasibility. Yep, thanks for saving me a headbang on another huge wall of stone.

And because my list got shorter, and I am an ADHD that way, I decided to start one of the challenges on my bucket list! A 365-Day Photo Challenge! OOH YEAH!! *play stadium full of people cheering sound*

Thanks to the new toy that I received last Christmas from such a wonderfully sweet, talented, and dear person, I now have a reason to finally install photoshop! Hahaha... Yep, there is still a part of me living in the stoneage.

Let's just hope that I can stand up to this and complete it. Although, I really feel positive with this. I can do this! I may have failed the 100-days-100-songs music challenge, because my Lolitap died on me, and a back-up netbook decided to follow Lolitap's footsteps... I am as positive as the near-fact that I am getting a new laptop. shipped. anytime. soon.

So, to end the past year and start anew, and to end my blabbering (lol), here's my first entry for Pictures of You: A 365-Day Photo Challenge...