It’s been a while since I posted anything here. Some photos are still in queue for upload, while some of them are stuck inside my dead laptop. But that is not the reason why I feel the urge to have a total (blog) make-over.

Originally, this blog is to document my travels within the Philippines and Europe. But I guess, I'm skipping the latter for a while, an indefinite while. Despite my resentment with this circumstance, I am left with no choice but to drop everything that has to do with going back to my fave foreign city in the world, Amsterdam.

Some people say that when you close a chapter in your life, you need to make a fresh start and begin to write the next chapter as soon as possible. But sometimes, our experiences are not just several chapters in one book, but several books even! I believe life consists of multiple snippets, short stories, novels, poetry and even silent soundtracks that only the mind can hear.

So without directly saying the reason behind this big change and to avoid putting it in black and white for the public (and the whole world) to see... let me just say that I am thankful for whatever happened in my past. I do not have regrets. The decisions we made are not inside tape decks that we can just place in rewind, fast forward or record over. Our past is indeed a significant factor in shaping who and where we are today.

Where we are heading though, is a totally different story. And it will just unravel in front of our eyes as we move along. So the key here is indeed, to get up, stand tall and move on.

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Now, when will I make the big change? Soon maybe. Let's see in the next few days or weeks.