Hi everyone! Please read below, it will only take a minute or so..

Two of my friends, a colleague at work and a batchmate in High School needs our help.

A fire hit a residential area in Teachers Village, (San Vicente) in Quezon City (Philippines) last Thursday (May 17th), leaving at least 128 families homeless. Here are some news links: ABS-CBN and INQUIRER

My colleague, Kandy, is among those devastated by this tragedy. She and her family lost everything in the fire, saving only the clothes they are wearing that time... and to add to that, she also lost two of her close relatives.

The same thing happened to my my former classmate, Charry. Their house burned down completely and nothing was saved aside from the clothes on their backs.

The area is actually close to where I used to study and I used to go there all the time back in the day. I even have cousins living nearby. This is a very sad time.. especially for those who lived there that are now forced to start everything from scratch.

So we are knocking on to your generous hearts. Any kind of donation will be very helpful. In kind or in cash. Even your $1 will go a long way if alot of people will pitch in. We have set up a paypal donation link for them. Here's the link where you can send your donations:

All donations will be split into two, for the families of Kandy and Charry. Please help us spread the word so they can get as many help as possible.

For those living nearby, in Manila, or who can travel to Quezon City and wish to donate in kind, they are in need of clothes and other basic needs. If you need directions or if you want them to be picked up, please feel free to contact me here. (Please indicate your mobile number and/or email address in the contact form) I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you...

And to those who already donated, a big warm thanks! We will surely mention your names to them (unless of course you donated anonymously). Here's the progress of our donations so far.. Due to urgency, we have first set a goal of at least $500 USD each but of course it would be way better if they receive more.

*this will be updated daily or whenever a new donation comes in

UPDATE: You can now also donate in Philippine peso. [READ MORE]: