wading my feet thru water
buried a second in wet land
i looked down and saw -
we are but grains of sand
washed among a desert of waves
the heat burning and melting
each salty vignette.

the monotonous journey
of every new day
ends up in a beauty
cast down the unawake
vessels of the clouds
sail to the northwind's dictate
tossing down shadows
and colors with no name

one day a reflection shimmered
to the corner of my eye
it was you in a disguise
of a feeble light

we swim in a galaxy of endless passersby
and every turn of the wave
you flung closer by
the indulgent sun is out again
re-voyaging the plumblessness of the sky

i see you looking up in pain
i see you in the infinite pattern
each star you reflected
each star sweeps thru your breath
and like wind blowing through my face
your shadow kiss my tears away

we are confined to the ideas of mankind
by the border of conventional laws we bind
what is really in me,
what is really in you?
im all here waiting for the waves to continue

before the last wave will fade
before the last turn disintegrate
only two pairs of eyes left hovered
would these pairs find each other?

and i drown myself in wonder
coz we are but a grain of sand
in the coastline of the world.

© June 22,2005

photo: taken by me during a boat trip at the Noordzee, Netherlands, 2010