Olivia Binfield was 7 when she appeared on Britains Got Talent and when asked, she said she wants to be a Zoologist.

She wow'd the crowd for her incredible cuteness and wit, but most especially when she brought out her pet Boa Constrictor named Lucy. Naming your pet snake "Lucy" is already a bold gesture in itself. But wait til you hear what Olivia has to say...

This is a copy of her poem, with wikipedia links to the animals that she mentioned:

"Endangered Animals"

Come on don't you have a heart?
You don't want these animals to depart?
Forget the x factor and the top ten singing chart,
Look at the endangered animals and the poison dart.
The arnour* leopard, the Siberian tiger and polar bear,
They are so gorgeous, it is just not fair!
If I say their Latin name, will you listen more?
Oh Louis** please do not say this is a bore.

Varanus komodenis***, komodo dragon by the way.
Why does man have to take them all away?
Man you are such a fool.
Snakes killed alive for handbags that is just not cool.
Please listen to my passion, although it may not be in fashion.
I can not sing it, you might laugh,
I can not dance, you would say I was daft.
But I am seven
And I want these animals to last!!

I'm keeping the typos on her poem, as her sister Chloe confirms that Olivia wrote the poem herself.

*When searched over the net, there is no such thing as "arnour" leopard. It may have meant the Amur Leopard, which is primarily found in southwestern Russia and classified as Critically Endangered since 1996.

**Louis ~ is Louis Walsh, the guest judge of Britain's Got Talent when Olivia performed.

***Varanus komodenis ~ is the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis)

Another youtube link already gained over 4 million hits, but embedding is disabled so I used someone's upload that did allow embedding.

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Happy Earth day everyone! I hope this may inspire us all to take a second look on what our environment has come to, and think twice before doing anything that may endanger our planet even more...