Bad Press is still Press.

As expected, internet commentators immediately poked fun on the new slogan recently launched by the Department of Tourism, by highlighting the reasons tourists are not coming to the Philippines. Among the most mentioned are the poor infrastructure, poor peace and order, red tape, corrupt law enforcers, and the country’s overall lack of basic and clean facilities that would help make first-time visitors feel at home.

Most people say that the core issue is not branding or finding a catchy phrase to lure foreigners, but the lack of basic services, terror threats and the general inefficiency of government offices.

But Aileen Clemente, President of The Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTTA) admitted in a press conference:

It is also important to improve the country’s airports and other tourism infrastructures and hopefully this can be tied together with other initiatives that are being undertaken by the government to further improve the Philippine tourism industry.

Yes, the right people know what's wrong and as some have enough urge while others just sit and sulk in their own little corners.. at least someone is stepping up! And doing something. For a change!

Isn't it that we always state, kung hindi ngayon, kelan pa? Kung hindi tayo, sino pa? (If not now, when? If not we, who else?) So why don't we just stop bickering and looking at the weak points of this campaign? Instead, let's show the world that we really have something better to offer!

So there may be a lot of few flaws here and there, but which country doesn't? Let's just be positive and look at the brighter side of life.. of our country. Maybe we're just stuck in one place too long to not see what our country really has to offer. And if all you see is the traffic, the corruption, the pollution, the over-crowded places.. maybe you just have to explore more.. Get out! Travel! Go to every region first before you shout to the world if our country is not beautiful and worthy of worldwide promotion!

Let's not forget that our country also possess extraordinary beauty and qualities that no other nation in the whole world can offer all together. From white sand beaches, to historical sites, to vibrant festivals, to friendly people.. The new slogan should remind us of our unique culture, our long valued history and traditions. --- There are countless reasons actually.. but bottomline is: It's more fun in the Philippines!

So with all the hullabaloo, I checked through my recent photos to show the beauty and FUN that I have witnessed through my travels, and even my daily life. Click on the images below to zoom and read a little something about each photo. I hope you enjoy..

I'll be adding more to this series. For now, feel free to grab these pics and share all over (but please do not tamper). Linking back to my blog would be extra FUN too!