For those asking, yes I have tons and tons of photos for the past 3 weeks that I was on vacation. In fact, my new digicam has 2GB space and photos were uploaded 3x. The problem is, I can't upload them because of the following reasons:

1) usb is disabled at my cube - and i dont use my work pc for personal stuff (walang aangal!)

2) My pc at home crashed. i have 2 hd and the main one (primary) is not booting. And since most of my photos are in a cd, i cant upload them.

3) i dont have time to go to an internet shop

Well, let's see this weekend if i can fix my pc. If not, i may need professional help. Hopefully, its just a matter of cleaning and tightening plugs...

So I apologize if my friendster or this blog do not have any updates yet. And NO, i do not have a facebook account.

In the meantime, let me give you all virtual souvenirs...