To take a photograph is to participate in another person's mortality, vulnerability, mutability; precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it...

~Susan Sontag

This is a compilation of my favorite wedding and prenup photographs by Prime Studio PH, a San Pablo, Laguna-based full service photography company. They specialize in capturing stunning moments that will provide lasting memories. They offer weddings, prenuptials, portraits and events photography throughout the Philippines and abroad.

I was recently lucky to be able to witness one of their on-site prenup shoots. I noticed how they maintained their professionalism while having fun with their clients, making them comfortable enough that every take turned out naturally. This relaxed and cozy ambiance brought out the personalities of the couple. And their natural beauty blended with the surroundings, which in turn was truly embedded unto their photographs.

I believe that there’s a special bond between a photographer and his subject, as there is a bond between a painter and his muse, whether it be a formal portraiture, or a candid shot. Without that bond, the photo would be lifeless and flat. With the Prime Studio team, you don't need to worry about that. The photos of your special day will truly be priceless gems.

Now, going over their albums at their facebook page and website [] is an enjoyable experience, and it took me a while to size down my faves to only 20. So I decided to categorize them by "couples", "bridal shots" and "details". I will post the other sets in the coming days.

Feel free to scroll down and click the next pages to view all 20. And, pay extra attention, the last one may surprise you.

20. A kiss for the world to see

19. Under the autumn tree

18. Running through tracks

17. A classic embrace

16. A lovers' mirror

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